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Update: Man Who Was Seen Dangling On High Tension Cables Finally Descends With A Fractured Leg.

A man in Walewale astonished the entire town yesterday when he demonstrated magical abilities. High-tension wires carry a significant amount of electricity that is harmful to people save for birds, however this unnamed man was seen resting peacefully on the rope yesterday as if it were his bed.

After so many hours of public pleading, he refused to descend yesterday. According to an update from Angel FM's lunchtime broadcast, the unusual man has finally touched down from the skies after becoming exhausted on his own.

According to reports, he suffered a major fracture to one of his leg bones and was unable to walk as a result of falling high off the pole while descending. Firefighters were seen dragging him into a pickup vehicle to be transferred to the hospital for medical assistance, and possibly to a psychiatric hospital to check his mental status, according to the footage seen by Accrablogger.

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