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Take A Look At What Their Doing To This Thief After Caught Stealing Phone In Public

Welcome everyone once again and thanks for clicking this article, I really appreciate your love and support since day one. I hope you're all doing good by the grace of almighty God and I'm sure you've read much of my previous articles online. Today is a wonderful day and I will like to share some interesting stuffs with you that got a lot of people talking on all social media platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter and infact I got surprised when I saw all these reactions from people across the globe. Before we get to it make sure you get some snacks along because it's definitely going to be a long ride I may say, let's get started

The police service always warns the youth about unlawful acts like stealing in the country but this young boys and girls won't listen. This guy was caught stealing someone's mobile phone in public and the touching aspect is that he uploaded his picture on the owner's WhatsApp account after stealing the phone. Everyone got upset in town immediately they found out what's happening in the middle of the street and most of them plans to punish him for commiting that crime. Some people tries to burn the criminal with car tyre but other people also wanted to hand him over to the police service. This issue has brought several controversies on the internet, take a look at what I'm talking about

Responses from people across the globe will blow your mind, here are some crazy comments from several individuals online

I don't know why this boys involves thier self's in such lackadaisical behaviors, as for me I think this thief should not be left free but should be imprisoned so that he will regret and desist from that act. Comment down below if you have any contributions and also share this article to your love ones. Don't forget to hit the follow botton at the top right corner of the article for more updates, thank you!

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