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Land disputes kill three at Breman, Kumasi

Land disputes kill three at Breman, Kumasi 

Three persons could not make it after they were involved in a land dispute at Breman. Blankson Antwi who is the owner of the two plot of lands which house an incomplete house at Breman Bipoase in the Kumasi metropolitan, was there this morning when his caretaker called him to alert him of the dispute which ended the lives of three others. Blankson bought his land in 2010, over a decade ago when one Italian resident who was in Ghana at the time, was looking for urgent money to facilitate his plane ticket back to Italy when Debrah called his boss Blankson. Blankson was looking for land to buy and that sounded as a fair purchase for him. Blankson bought the two plots for lands for over GH¢23,000 in 2010 and gave it to Debrah to farm on it. Debrah started farming on the lands in 2012 and nobody caused him problems until they made attempts to develop the lands in 2019.

Three people from nowhere confronted Debrah for his right on building the two-bedroom house on the land. Debrah made calls to his boss in 2019 after the three men came to confront him on their right in developing the land into a house, they were building. The three men have been persistently cautioning Debrah to suspend his works on the land but he never gave them space until this dawn when they felt heat in the room. Debrah was inside with one mason who was helping him with the plastering when the three men decided to set the house on fire in this early morning. 

Debrah took his hunting gun which Blankson had bought for him to use for hunting in the nearby forest and released the bullets in the air to scare the three men from setting the house on fire. Debrah's bullet got all the three men as they tried to run for their lives. The first man was hit from the back of his body as he runs for safety from the gun warning shots. The two other men were all hit by their spinal cord as they also tried to run for their life. All three men were taken to the Suntreso Regional Hospital but none of them was able to make it alive from the attacks. 

The three men were all identified as Kwame Bediako Richmond, Philip Owusu and Kojo Hanson who tried to set the house on fire before Debrah used his hunting guns on them and ended their lives. Debrah was arrested in the morning but was given bail in the afternoon of today. The bodies of the three are still at the Suntreso Regional Hospital waiting for further investigations. 

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