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Plane Crash

When the Lord took me to Hell, I saw the devil on his throne laughing uncontrollably. Find out Why

Pastor Jude has narrated an incident he observed when the Lord took his spirit with Him to hell on a certain day. It was not the first time of going to hell since the Lord had done that a couple of times to reveal mysteries unto him. In narrating his story, as transcribed below is what he said.

The Lord and i arrived before the throne of the Devil. He was laughing with an ugly voice, saying, I must win their souls. Their souls are mine, Hahaha. I saw two demons who brought a man before the throne of the Devil.

The man was a sorcerer on earth when he lived. Immediately the Devil saw him, he laughed and said, ‘‘Welcome my faithful servant." The Devil began to question the two demons with great anger saying, "How many souls did he win for me? " The demon said, "7 million."

Then the Devil began to laugh and asked the demon, "How many of the seven million have died?" The demon replied, "2 million." The Devil began to laugh saying, "their souls belong to me, Ha ha ha."

Again the Devil asked the demon, "How many planes did he crash?" The demon replied, "Six. "And, again the Devil asked the demon, "How many car accidents did he cause?" The demon said, "Many".

The devil laughed and said unto the man, "I tricked you and you followed my deception. You will never get out of this place. Your soul is mine, Hahaha." Then the Devil said, "Take him away."

The demon took him and he was thrown into the fire. He was crying bitterly with great, deep feelings because the torment of Hell is so great. The Devil was saying this because many souls are ending their lives in Hell fire.

The Lord was crying like a baby because many Christians no longer win souls for Christ. The Devil was laughing loudly. He called out to a demon and said, "Go to the highway and cause accidents." The demon obeyed him and quickly ran to the earth.

The Devil called out another demon saying, "Go to the air and cause a plane crash." The Devil called out another demon saying, "Go quickly and make the artists expose their nakedness and expose their bodies on TV, the internet, and on paper. Go and make the prostitutes release their new videos." They all obeyed him and ran to the earth quickly. 

They began to torment the man who had just ended in hell. How the man cried bitterly in pain was above words. He even sought for death but it was too late for him because any soul that arrives in Hell will never get out.

Even as you’re reading this message, the man is being tormented in hell. Sadly, he will never get out of that horrible place. Don’t forget to click the + Follow button on this page if you are interested in more of such articles.

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