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N/R: Kpabia Assemblyman Appeals For Portable Drinking Water For Residents Of Kpalmang Community

N/R: Kpabia Assemblyman Appeals For Portable Drinking Water For Residents Of Kpalmang Community In The Mion District

A community located in the Mion district under the Kpabia electoral is facing a serious water challenge as residents have to walk distance in search of water for domestic use. The community has only one dugout which is not clean as residents and animals compete for the same water.

The Assemblyman for the Kpabia electoral area, Mr. Ahmed Adam Kpabia who visited the Kpalmang Community on 14th of July, 2021 appeals to government, NGOs and philanthropists to come to their aid and support the Kpalmang community to a good drinking water.

According to the Assemblyman, due to the water challenges, school children in the Kpalmang community find it difficult to go to school as they have to go along way in search for water before they can go to school.

“This is Kpalmang. A community under Kpabia electoral area. This community has a population about two hundred to three hundred people and this is their main source of water. They use this dirty milky water for cooking and other things. Because of this problem, the children find it very difficult to go to school. They are in the river side to fetch water now, this is not even a river! this is rather a dugout.

We are appealing to organizations and individuals to come to our aid. We need Bolewholes which will help our people to get portable drinking water to drink and be healthy. We are appealing to government, other organizations, internationally and locally to come to our aid so that our women will stop this kind of suffering. This is an appeal to everybody to come our aid” he said.

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Source: Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma 

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