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Innocent by Face, Wickedness in the Heart: Ghanaians Express Anger at Abesim Killer.

Wonders shall never end. The one who originated this phrase should be awarded because he/she said the truth in toto. Every single day, there is news that will try as much as possible to ask- what kind of world are we living in? This time around, the news is heinous in nature and gruesome in form.

As you probably know, a man by the nickname Fireman who is a sportsman in Abesim has murdered his business partner’s son and the sad part of the matter is that he has deposited the body parts in the fridge. How on earth could a discerning human being, born of a woman, kill and keep the body in the fridge? Well, this is what happened.

This matter has surprised many Ghanaians and they just can’t understand why an innocent-looking man like this would do that to a child. I guess this is an eye-opener for all of us. Don’t trust people by the appearance of their faces. In this world, people murder people- simple. There are no demarcated faces that are designated to be doing the killings- anyone can be the murderer. One lady said: “innocent by face, wickedness by heart. Do enjoy the hellfire that’s where you deserve right now.”

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