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After the burial, see what the families are doing to the grave of the drowned teenager.

Days prior 13 youngsters suffocated at the Apam stream and it achieved a great deal of tragic affections for Ghanaians. From the story the children said they saw a woman and hurried after her in the stream, the rest got obscure to them. 

Anyway after their internment the groups of these young people have gone far to complete another activity on the graves of the suffocated teens. A portion of the families have gone to solidify the graves of their kids who suffocated in the waterway and was covered on Tuesday. These kids' graves are at the Apam Mortuary. 

As per sources from Adom TV that met the family members, they expressed it obviously that they are frightened that in the event that they don't solidify the grave, the assemblages of the children may be unearthed and utilized for ceremonial exercises, that is the reason they are establishing it, so they can dodge such circumstance. 

Joseph Narh famously known as Morocco who was one of the children who suffocated, sibling, disclosed to Adom TV that since the youngsters didn't vanish of normal causes, it's not imprudent for them to accept that the assemblages of the children may be utilized for ceremonial exercises. 

This was what he said; 

We can recall that penances were offered to the divine beings to mollify them. A cow, 3 sheep, 12 fowls, 33 tubers of sweet potato and 3 containers of schnapps were offered by a conventional cleric locally.

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