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Road Accident

"END TIME IS NEAR" See What This Beautiful Lady did in Public That's Generating Alot Of Noise Online

A shocking incident happened to a lady in public, it came when the passebys were left in total disbelieve after she began to take off her clothes and started scream as if something terrible had happened to her, saying: ',I love money so much, Oh yes I love money.'

So people went to rush her and begin to hold her hand to find out what happened to her after they saw her coming out of the jeep that dropped on a public road before she started displaying an act of insanity.

She was still standing as if she saw a ghost and started screaming straight away, she came down from the car. She got down from the jeep and began saying strange words that nobody could understand, she didn't know people at the point where she removed her clothes, because she didn't have any identification means on her phone.

This was really strange because nobody knows if she has been used for rituals, or maybe was high on drug. Nowadays, ladies should should be very careful with men because of the way the world is turning now.

What do you think could have happened to her? share with others so that we can hear from them as well

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