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Road Accident

Dangerous Accident As Huge Truck Full Of Scraps Overturn In The Middle Of The Road

A dangerous accident involving a huge truck is currently causing havoc on the main road from Tarkwa to Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana.

The truck which is loaded with scraps was moving from the direction of Tarkwa to Takoradi when the driver lost control of the wheels.

The truck overturned in the process and fell right in the middle of the road. The scraps in the truck could be seen scattered in a bush nearby. The truck on the other hand fell from the side and that blocked the entire stretch.

The dangerous Accident that happened a few meters after a police barrier has caused massive traffic with road users wondering how they will get to their destinations safely.

The police are currently on the scene to ensure an access road is created for other drivers to use. However, plans are being made to remove the scrap truck from the road.

Eyewitnesses at kyekyewere, the spot where the accident happened indicate that the driver was negotiating a curve at a top speed when he lost control.

"We were in our homes relaxing when we heard a huge noise on the road, we quickly rushed there and this truck loaded with scraps had fallen. There is a curve here so if you look at the load in the vehicle, the driver should have taken his time to negotiate well. It looks like he was on top speed and that is what caused the accident" one of the eyewitnesses whose name has been given as Yaw Gyebi indicated.

There are others who believe the truck might be there for a while looking at the load it contains.

"The scraps are too many. Even where to pack all of them is a big issue. We cannot tell when it will all be offloaded for sanity to return on the road. If anyone is coming from Takoradi or Tarkwa, the only advice will be for the person to return back". Another eyewitness intimated.

In the meantime, another truck has been arranged to come and offload the scraps but people are wondering how it will find its way to the accident scene looking at the heavy vehicular traffic.

Most of the drivers have decided to turn back and return when the road is cleared.

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