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N/R: Security men Watched Over Motorbikes As Additional Duty For Pay In The Yendi Municipal Hospital

Patients and visitors in the Yendi municipal hospital used to complained some times ago at the rate at which their Motorbikes were been stolen by thiefs in the hospital.

This has cost a lot of people as their bikes were stolen of which those bikes were borrowed from neighbors and they have to bought in return.

As a result of this, the security men at the Yendi municipal hospital has has ceassed this opportunity and has taken it upon themselves, another responsibility to watch over the motorbikes brought in the hospital by the patients and visitors for a fee.

This is to protect the motorbikes from thiefs around the hospital.

If the motorbike is in the custody of the security personnels from morning to evening, (12 hours) the owner pays Gh€3. 00 before taking it.

But it stays there for one day the owner pays GH€5 .00 before collecting his or her bike.

They aways issued the Motorist with a receipt which is easy for identification before one can claim ownership of a Motorbike.

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