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After Fire Almost Burnt Down The Building Week Ago, See What Has Happened To Other Stores.

The Hong Kong building at Accra's Makola market was burned by a huge fire a week ago, which the Ghanaian fire force was unable to control until the fire spread to other nearby stores. The fire started in a tiny area, but because firefighters were unable to arrive in time, two stories were entirely burned down to ashes. It almost reached the ground floor, but they were able to bring it down at that point. The entire country came to a halt during the height of the fire because the flames could have spread to the Ghana Commercial Bank, which was closer to the building in question.

Authorities have closed the establishments on the ground floor for fear of the remaining structure collapsing at any point. The fire was so terrible that even the roofing sheets on the top floor melted. Parts of the structure appear to be crumbling apart. To prevent pedestrians from approaching the building, a barrier has been constructed around it for safety reasons.

Despite the dangers posed by the remnants, people continue to go about their daily lives right beneath the structure as if nothing has happened. It would be advisable for authorities to evacuate everyone in the vicinity of the structure before another national disaster occurs.

The fire has affected everyone, and it is unclear whether officials would allow shop owners to reopen their business. Is it going to be fully demolished because of the extent of the damage, or is it going to be renovated?

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