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You will be put in jail in Ghana if you fail to do these.

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There are a lot of rules and regulations in the country which no one should be pretend to be ignorant about it. As the saying goes, 'Ignorance of the law is no excuse'. 

People normally go to jail for something wrong they did. However, let us find out what you make the police arrest you if you fail to do it.

The world is faced with a deadly disease and the government has given us various safety protocols to follow. However if you do not follow these protocols, you will end in the police custody. If you fail to wear the nose mask, the police van arrest you. This is one thing you should do by putting on the nose mask all the time. Failure to do this will against the laws of the country.

Also failure to pay taxes will also end you in the court of law.

These are just few things which may end someone in the law court or jail for failing to do or obey.

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