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"Vanity Upon Vanity" Meet The President Who Was Executed With His Wife Because He Did This to People

This unbelievable incident happened in Romania literally. The former President of Romania and his spouse Nicole and Elena Ceau Tresescu were tried by a special Military Tribunal on 25 December 1989.

Both the president and his wife were tried and this led to convictions and death penalties for them. The biggest judgment given to them was death sentence because both of them were accused of killing alot of the country’s population which was estimated around "over 60,000 people" during the Timi Timoara revolution when the duo ruled the country together.

Some experts even estimated that 689 and 1,200 deaths were taken into account as a result. Although the death toll wasn't stable, it never affected the sentences since both had been sentenced to death.

A special group of parachutist which was selected to act as a firefighter to carry out their execution and prior to the start of the legal procedure. He and his wife had already been convicted even before the trial began.

This president and his wife were the last people in Romania to be executed through capital punishment before the death penalty on citizens was abolished on 7 January 1990.

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