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Our family members has abandoned us because of my mother's illness; Sad story of a 17-year-old boy

Yaw Mensa is a 17 years old boy who has shared his sad story about how their family members sacked them from the house because of his mother's illness. According to the boy his mother gave birth to three children unfortunately two of them are dead.

It was his stepmother who put kerosene in one his brother's feeding bottle but the mother did not see it, so she gave it to the baby and he died, the second child too died right after birth. He is the only one who is still alive. Yaw said his mother is 32 years old, the woman was selling things at Mankesim but all of a sudden she fell sick. The boy's father too is at Cote d'ivoire.

So their grandmother took care of her untill she recover from the sickness but in no time the grandmother too died. They later travelled to Manso Konyinasi in search of work, they went and stayed in their family house. Suddenly, the mother fell sick again but the family members said they do not have enough money to cater for the woman so they told them to leave the house.

Mensah is now living with a friend whiles the mother is still staying in the family house. The young boy is the one who is taking care of his mother, he works hard to get money so that he can buy food for his mother.

You can watch the full video through the link below

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