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No mourning and no crying at my funeral' - Doctor, 42, writes will before dying on a hospital bed

With happiness and dark clothes, the Biretuo Family of Asante Juabeng sat in peace with their heavy hearts as they said their final farewell to their uncle, brother, father and husband. Dr Obeng Anim Darkwa, 42, had wished for a peaceful low budget farewell on the hospital bed and that was exactly what the family was forced to deliver as they kept their promise to the dead despite the huge desires of tears that kept flowing through the eyes of the family and the widow.

Dr Obeng had taken a sheet of the paper on 18 May 2021, written many things on it with the pressing ones starting at the top and the less pressing ones ending at the bottom of the sheet. The wife Mrs Obeng was reduced to tears when her husband forced and ordered her to call his sisters and family head (Abusuapanin) to his hospital bed on that very Tuesday, May 18. 

At two o'clock, the entire people the doctor had summoned were all standing beside him on his hospital bed at the Ejisu Government Hospital. With a heavy heart, the family stood with one hand in the air, promising the man of abiding by the rules and regulations in the paper before handing one to each party. At my death, don't forget to open this sheet and read everything in it before taking any decision, the doctor said as he gave the original sheet to his family head and gave the two photocopied to his sisters and wife.

The family in tears knew their brother, father and husband's life was over when he gave them those papers. In one voice, they all agreed and departed from his bed as the doctor laid back to his bed to rest. He was a doctor and knew what was going on. Every doctor at the sight of death, senses it and that was exactly what Dr Obeng sensed as he passed on after few hours of giving the sheet of paper to his family and wife.

The wife with over five years of marriage would have loved to trash the entire floor of the Ejisu Government hospital, but out of respect for her husband, torn the sheet of paper apart and read with trembling hands, shaking body before calling everyone one by one to announce the death of her husband. The will written by the doctor a few hours before his death, instructed the family, and the wife to work together and keep him alive in death and the only thing to do that, was to have a cordial relationship, the will made it clear for them all. 

The doctor was placed in a mortuary on 20 May after the family denied the hospital of doing any postmortem; it was his wish and we will die to keep it, the family kept their honour even after hospital officials tried forcing them to do it. He knew what killed him and we are not allowed to know, that was why he instructed no postmortem, the family stressed before taking the body to the mortuary.

After over four months of mortuary keeping, the family decided to lay the doctor, Obeng Anim Darkwa to rest this morning and in one accord, no cries, no mourning, no weeping, the family honoured the words of the doctor as he had instructed them in his will; no mourning and no crying at my funeral and that are final, the first paragraph of the will stated clearly. He meant those words and that was why he kept it at the beginning of the will.

Everyone; from family to friends, to sympathizers were warned not to even blink an inch of tears onto the man as they filed past the body. At eleven in the morning, his body was taken to the cemetery and given a final farewell as the Juabeng Methodist Church lead the burial with inspiring hymns of sweet melodies. In one voice, in one spirit, the doctors wish came to pass as the Biretuo family made it a must to honour his will. 

Content created and supplied by: RockyJDJones (via Opera News )

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