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Two Suspected LGBTQ Men Caught In The Act In Video: They Have Received Serious Beating From Youth

Her car was moving slowly on a secluded road, but there seems to be a saloon car parked in front of them as she drives slowly. No one can tell why they have decided to be driving slowly and be recording the road as they drive. In this world of technology, people are bound to record with a smartphone as they drive or do other things.

No one can anticipate what might be going on in the car ahead of them since it was parked beside the road. The only speculation that one can make is the fact that it might have been damaged, abandoned or left there by its owners for a while.

One thing that an individual may not easily anticipate is the fact that there are two men in the parked car doing what most Ghanaians would not anticipate.

Most Ghanaians would not anticipate it because it is considered a taboo and an abominable act. Seeing how the issue of LGBTQ has been in the news and on social media recently, one may not anticipate that any group of individuals would try to indulge in this act in public.

However, as the lady drove pass the parked car and reversed at the suspicion of what she might have suspected, she met two grown gentlemen at the back of the car indulging in an act that is traditionally considered to be legal between married couples.

As soon as they have realised that they were been captured by a camera, they began to plead for the camera to be taken off them.

The lady capturing the whole scene could be heard asking whether this is Ghana.

A man came around and dragged the two men from the car. They have tried to explain that their car was spoilt and they are trying to fix it, but it seems that the men would not listen to that. They brought them out of the car and gave them some serious beating.

How should Ghana deal with the issue of LGBTQ?

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