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Sad Video: Wicked Catholic SHS Students brutalize Fire service officers for quenching fire outbreak.

Sad photos from Angel TV this noon is what we spotted when the Weekend news is being broadcasted by Ama Brago Ampofo. It is very sad to see metal student beds as they are all damaged. Not even to talk about metal beds, the whole dormitory of where the fire outbreak started was burnt completely. It is very sad to and we wonder what kind of students are we going to get in the next future.

It all stated around 8pm yesterday 8th October 2021 when continuos students in Yinayin Catholic Senior High school went for preps. It came as a surprise when the student at once, saw that their dormitory is on fire. They shouted on top of their voice and the authorities of the school quickly call the Fire service officers to the scene to quench the fire in the school. Upon the arrival of Fire Service officers in the school, they were attack by the some wicked and stubborn final year students. The final year students in Yinayin Catholic Senior High School picked sticks and they started beating the Fire Service officers sacking them to go back without quenching the fire.

The student pulled all the tubes that the fire Service officers pulled out of their Vehicle to to quench or stop the fire outbreak backwards; in other to make it difficult for the fire service officers to quench the fire. According to Ama Brago the news presenter this noon on Angel TV, when the officers realize that they can't overcome the power of the students, they all run away for their their life's leaving the dormitory to burn into ashes completely.

Ama Brago stated that, the students were angry because, their staff did not permit them to engage in examination malpractice. So they decided to burn the school and brutalize the fire service Officers who came to stop or quench the fire they have set into the school buildng. It is very sad for Catholic school students to do such a thing to their school and also to brutalise Fire Service Officers by preventing or stopping them from quenching the fire outbreak.

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