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Africa has to standup to make our forefathers proud.

Why do we still cerebrate independent days and believe we have again independent .

Does taking the shackles from the hands and legs and placing it on the mind make one independent?

''The black man is capable of managing his own affairs'', Kwame Nkrumah said.

Dose borrowing money to execute your plans makes a nation capable of managing her own affairs?

From now onwards Ghana is free for ever, Nkrumah said it with joy.

Most dying and some being mistreated, all to journey to the land of greener pastures.

On the cooking stove is a pot of stones and mother assuring children that food will be ready soon.

Father distanced from mother and children, only comes home yearly, all because he need to settle house and school bills.

The most shameful person in Ghana is the one who holds on to our tradition.

The standard marriage ceremony is the White Man's wedding.

African prints only walk around work places on Friday.

Suit, necktie and shoes are always partying hard at all formal occasions.

Is okay to use one’s last amount to purchase breaching cream than to buy food.

The standard for beauty is that of the West.

Self-hatred, low self-esteem and everything White is good but black, is the order of the day.

The Ghanaian man and woman are trying all their possible best just to look like the oppressor.

Dark skinned lady has no place in the marriage market, even the dark man is not save.

''Kinky Hair'' is a name prohibited in a family gathering.

Don't worry we are still free and capable of managing our own affairs.

Not sure there is a smile on the face of any of our ancestors who struggled hard to set Mama Africa free.

I pray the Gods and Ancestors don't look at us with a left eye.

Surely they will not skin their laps because we ease on them. 

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