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Strange:- See what these muslim ladies were caught doing on CCTV camera in a lift

Muslims are kind of people that respect their religion a lot. They pray three times a day, they go to the mosque on time, they obey all rules and are very modest.

They wear long dresses that will cover all sensitive parts so that they don't drive other men crazy apart from the husband.

The men all wear long dresses covering their shoulder muscles and their muscles it self and their chest because those places drives some ladies crazy.

It is very rare to see a Muslim lady having sex any how like how Christians does. Please don't get offended but sometimes we have to be real and not always optimistic.

You will not also see a Muslim boy being beaten in public for theft like how you will see most Christians being in such situations.

Though someone might say yes they've seen such, they don't do it much like how Christians does and a Muslim once said this, that the Muslims you will see doing bad things are not Muslims but Christians who have converted into Muslims.

I in particular disagrees with that because they are not the holiest, some of them sin. However, let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Two Muslim ladies have done something that have shuttered the word good and holiest when it comes to describing Muslims.

They have committed a sin which is written clearly that they shouldn't. They were caught on CCTV camera in a lift kissing and practicing homosexuality or lesbianism.

This is very strange because that's not how Muslims are, I never expected a Muslim to do such thing.

This is an abomination and very bad because they have committed a deadly sin. Allah (God) created man and added woman to assist us in everything.

To assist to cook, wash and assist us when we are horny. We shouldn't practice gay or lesbianism at all because it's very bad.

What is your say in this?

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