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She can eat any food given to her no matter the amount. Meet the sensational Dinma

We are still in the Easter mood. I don't know if we are to thank Judas Iscariot for giving us these holidays or not. Well, we ain't breaking till Tuesday bids Monday farewell.

In occasions like these, food is very common hence I took it upon my shoulders to take you to moments portraying how sumptuous foods can be.

There's this beautiful Nigerian lady on Twitter known as @dinma_x. She is a social media sensation with over 39,000 followers on Twitter. Her beauty is stunning but let's not talk about beauty over here. We would spend the whole day talking about how beautifully she was created.

This article is centered on the fact that this girl no matter the amount of food given her will end up in her stomach leaving no surplus behind. Trust me, she's a food warrior.

Dinma is known for posting before and after pictures of her with food. I bet you can't win if she's present in a food competition. She's certainly going to win the war before it even starts.

What makes her craft stunning is the smile she puts on before and after eating. I compiled some of her pictures and think you should take a look at them.

1. Take a look at the picture below, the face she made in the second frame tells you she wants more. After finishing the rice, she emptied two cans of Malta Guinness and even added water.

2. And she came in as a Juventus fan. Cristiano Ronaldo must be proud of her. Imagine taking her out on a date. My brother, make sure you have enough money and never order light foods, please be serious.

3. Do you remember the Bible story when 5000 men were fed with 5 loaves of bread? Well, Dinma is here eating a big loaf of bread all by herself.

4. What I like about her is that final smile. It makes you know she brutalised the innocent food.

5. I wonder the kind of stomach this girl has. There's no "surplus" in her dictionary. It's either an all or none principle.

6. Unlike the others, this is understandable. I mean, most of us can do what she just did.

7. Oh no, she's a legend. But over here, I'm glad. At least, she left the bones.

8. Wait, what? This is unbelievable. I'm sure she probably discarded some before taking the picture because this is way beyond my understanding.

9. Look at the magnitude of the food over there and how she flawlessly murdered it.

Who adds apple to beans? Queen Dinma!!! I'm wondering if she could resist the temptation if she were to be in the garden of Eden.

10. I'm imagining facing her in an eating competition. It's gonna be bloody.

Thanks for staying with me, you can leave your comment in the comment section. Till we meet again, it's a bye for now.

Content created and supplied by: the_Kelvin_guy (via Opera News )

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