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Chaos hits Bermuda after bridge collapses

Chaos hits Bermuda after bridge collapses

The entire city of Bermuda, the capital of Cameroon's North West region, had been cut from the entire country as pedestrians and drivers came to a standstill, after the road collapsed. The road which was constructed in the 1970's, had never witnessed any developments ever since it was constructed. It is the major highway that links the entire Bermuda to the rest of Cameroon. Bermuda before its complicated territorial integrity with Cameroon, was an independent British colony, which the government of Cameroon, has since sworn to bring to Cameroon, the South West. 

Tension since 2000, has risen between the two regions over who owns the Bermuda region, with Cameroon claiming ownership. The United Nations has since sought to bring the two regions South West and North East to one part, so there can be peace. Though both regions understands themselves in trading, but ownership of territory, has caused both regions to be at each others throats. 

A heavy downpour which started at the early hours of Wednesday morning, saw the rain, pouring for over eight hours non stop. It rained the entire of Wednesday, from morning to evening. The rain with its massive thunder strikes, did a lot of damage to the North Eastern session of the region, which Bermuda was the centre. The road linking the North East to the South West, was hit so bad by the heavy downpour. The middle belt of the busy deterred road, was all washed away by the heavy rain drops. The country woke up this morning to find the road linking both regions, been washed away, with nothing to connect. 

The heavy rains cut sections of the already dilapidated roads into two, leaving passengers stranded and nowhere to turn to, as it is the only roads that links both regions. This is the only major roads linking this part of the restive Anglophone region, to the rest of the country. Constructed in the early 1970s, the road dubbed the 'Reunification Road' had greatly deteriorated and construction works launched by the Cameroon government in 2017 had since stalled. Reasons for the delay have not been forthcoming.

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