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96-year old woman to be buried after Eleven months of family brouhaha

96-year old woman to be buried after Eleven months of family brouhaha 

Obaatampa Akosua Adyiyaa has been scheduled for burial, after a long feud between the family on her funeral. Obaatampa Akosua Adyiyaa who died on 30th March 2020, was named Obaatampa in here early youthful days, when she took care of every child she came into contact with. She was the kind who never discriminated against anyone, not even to strangers, and made sure everyone she knew was well taken care of. She opened a chop bar close to her house at Chira, and used it mainly to feed street children and orphans. Her attitude of feeding street children and orphans, gave her the Obaatampa title, and she never stopped doing it until heavens called her to rest. 

Obaatampa Adyiyaa was the only child of her parents, and that lead her into developing extra care and attention to others. She took everyone as her child, and never abandoned anyone. The woman was blessed with three biological children, but she had over one hundred people representing as her children, and all will be given the same preferential treatment in her biography. Obaatampa Adyiyaa was a teacher who educated many, and in so doing got parcels and gifts from abroad, and Ghana every year. 

Obaatampa Adyiyaa never complained of sickness, and died peacefully in her sleep on the 30th of March last year. Her children wanted to have something small and bury her in peace, but the family rejected to accept the children's proposals. Akan tradition makes children the sole beneficiaries to formulate the burial of their mother at the time of her death, with family only supervising the burial, but the family had a different plan for their woman and stopped the children from doing so. 

Obaatampa Adyiyaa died in St. Louis, when one of her street children invited her to the US, for tour. The man Charles whom Maame Adyiyaa took care of at tender age, went to the US through lottery and never did he also abandon his adopted mother, though there was no official paper adoption. But Charles who was an orphan, made it in life through the sacrifices of his adopted mother. Charles was willing to pay for the flight cost of the three biological children of her adopted mother, so they could bury her in St. Louis. But the family did not trust which additional three family members to join the flight to US, for the burial and rejected the call for it. 

Everyone in the family wanted them to be chosen one to travel to the US for the burial, and when the family head chose himself and some additional two members to travel with the children to US, the rest of the family disagreed to it. Charles wanted to bury his adopted mother in US, because of two things, the cost of transporting the body to Ghana and the leave he had to request for coming. The family couldn't make a decision, because of who was to travel with the biological children of the late Adyiyaa to to the US for the burial.

After a long feud on the topic, the family has agreed to bring the body to Ghana. Obaatampa Adyiyaa is scheduled to leave US next week Monday and arrive in Ghana on Wednesday morning, where the family will take hold of the body and straight to Nyarko Mortuary at Chira, Sunyani. Her burial will take place at their family house Hse. N4 BLK H near Chira market square, on Friday 30 April. 

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