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Notorious gangsters finally arrested in Assin Sofo At Saint Andrews Senior High School.

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It is another Monday afternoon with Kwadwo Dickson live on Angel TV via Facebook.

It was reported that, a group of Gangsters or criminals have been arrested by the police in Assin Foso.The whole incidence happened in Saint Andrews Senior high school in Assin Sofo.

The gangsters were arrested at the girls dormitory as they were trying to loop in and take away various resources that the Ladies possessed.

The Ladies hall have been fenced with Electric wires, yet the gangsters were able to make their way in but the electric fence blew the alarm and the security men on duty quickly run and apprehended the gangsters.

However, one of the criminals was able to escape and only one was arrested and beaten severely with heavy wounds on his body parts.

It was indicated that, the guy gave his name as Benard Nyarko when he was arrested in the school. But when they reach the police station, he changed his name to Kelvin Owusu.

Notorious criminals have been arrested in Assin Sofo at Saint Andrews Senior High School.

Sometimes, those gangsters have been dressing like ladies or women and they will go and still from the Ladies dormitory and this act have continued for several times and their light have showcase them today in a broad day scene.

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