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Parents Of This Lighthouse Bishop Arrested and In Court React With Shock: Our Son Is Not a Car Thief

Bishop Oko Mensah resigned from the Lighthouse Chapel International in October 2019 after nearly 15 years of service and has since sued the church in April 2021, alleging emotional, psychological abuse and economic exploitation.

What may however, have escaped him by surprise is the fact that, two months after suing his former church, the Lighthouse Chapel, where he rose fast to minister from the very pulpit, Bishop Dag had for years at Quodesh, the church also filed a criminal complaint against him at the Auto-Theft Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service for stealing his official car.

The car, procured for his official use in 2012, and in Lighthouse Chapel International's complaint to the police, the now nine-year-old car, valued at $20,000, a Hyundai Elantra with registration, GN8591-12, which according to the prosecutor, Chief Inspector Simon Apiosornu, insists Bishop Emmanuel Oko Mensah “failed to hand over” the vehicle after he resigned.

The criminal complaint filed by Lighthouse Church’s Human Resource Director, Rebecca Edith Addae, who reported it on June 11, 2021, has since seen Emmanuel Oko Mensah, on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, plead not guilty to the charge of stealing this official car.

Fast forward, his parents, MR. AND MRS. R. T. MENSAH, long time partners of the Lighthouse Chapel International, have authored this piece, that was shared by their son, on his Facebook page, titled: "PUBLIC STATEMENT FROM MR. AND MRS. R. T. MENSAH"

Where it reads extensively that:

"It is disheartening and very disturbing to have to write this. This is because as a committed Christian family, for the love of God, we have always supported any Christian organization with our available resources, though not much. Anyone who has known us over the years will confirm this. We’ve supported churches, ministries and pastors. Our reward is from God.

It is therefore with the same spirit that we welcomed and accommodated the Bawaleshie branch of the Lighthouse Chapel FREELY in our premises (where we live and also run a hostel for girls), sharing all our facilities with them for over a decade. They kept all their equipment and all Church items here in the little corridor in the girls hostel in the house.

Even though it was inconvenient for the girls at the time, we managed a peaceful co-existence with each other. The Church met under canopies which eventually covered the entire compound, as the Church grew to more than a 100 members with two groups - Adult and Children Services.

The Church was also able to use the premises for other meetings, including evenings, leading to late night Conventions, choir and other rehearsals during weekdays. The family accommodated all the inconveniences to the hostel and neighborhood and had to answer questions, since it is a pure residential area.

Just before COVID, the Church moved to join other Satellite churches to meet at their Oyibi Cathedral, so they bused there on Sunday mornings, but maintained some other midweek meetings here. When the Churches were allowed to resume meetings after the COVID lockdown, another group of the church members wanted to start again, but we declined because of COVID concerns to do with the girls hostel.

It took persistent calls before they came for some of their equipment. They still have some equipment here, packed in the corridor. These items are now a disturbance to the inmates of the hostel. We have had to pack them into one of our store rooms. They keep coming for these items at their convenience. In fact, the offertory bags and Lectern were collected not long ago. At the time of writing this, the sign boards, loud speakers and small benches are still here.

We are not members of Lighthouse, but we decided to help them because we thought we were all in the family of God, and our commitment to the loving father demands that we show love to our fellow Christians in need. Recent happenings make us wonder whether we are relating with a true Church of the living, loving God. It is unfortunate that the Lighthouse Church whose branch and equipment we had housed all these years FOR FREE would be so malicious and callous about an official car which had always been parked here near the church items.

Does the Church have a logistics officer and Fleet Supervisor? Where was he these two years when he never requested for the vehicle until now? It is an open observation that most (if not all) of the Pastors left with their official vehicles so this accusation of stealing saddens us greatly.

The church could easily have told our son he does not qualify for this facility, after working with them for 17 years. They know where and how to find him, since he advertises his services openly. Since this “official car” was given to our son in 2012, he has personally taken care of the following every year (paid with his own resources):





At the time of his resignation on 1st October 2019, Oko’s salary was 5,000 cedis. His tithe (500 cedis) was deducted from source, so he was getting 4,500 cedis coming to him. This is a Civil Engineer who graduated in 2001. This was his salary after 17 years. We accepted these interesting conditions as “working for God”. We’ve supported him throughout.

When our son resigned from Lighthouse, we agreed as a family that he would not use the Lighthouse car. We told him to park it, and gave him our car to use. We also agreed as a family that if the church ever requested for their car, we would return it without hesitation.

Our son returned their car to the police on 24th June, as soon as the church reported to the police that he had stolen it. He NEVER drove it after he resigned. The church NEVER requested for their car. Our son is not a thief. He’s never been. We did not bring up a thief, and the church knows it. If this is our reward for accommodating the church in our premises FOR FREE for over 10 years, we leave the church to God.

We are 77 and 70 years old, and have been active Christians for over 55 years. What is going on is very strange to us. We wonder whether we are also going to be attacked, insulted and cursed by the Bishops and members of Lighthouse in the media (print, electronic and social). Maybe, they would consider prosecuting us too.

May God bless His church," they wrote.

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