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Video: ' Exercise Session Gone Wrong'. Lady Dislocated During An Exercising Session

Recently, it has become a form of trend for people to poat whatever they do during the course of the day on their various social media platforms. Most oeot do it for their followers to see how their day is going and the various activities they performed during the day.

Currently on social media, there is a viral video of two people, that is a lady and and a gentleman who are believed to be a couple which is currently trending after they shared it on their timeline on social media.

This video was made on one of their exercising routines. That is they recorded themselves during an exercise session. During the course of the exercise, the lady screamed when her counterpart tried extending her extremities above it's limit.

From observation, I can boldly say from the way the lady screamed, it could be that she had been fractured as a result of this exercise.

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