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Throwback: George Stinney, “The Youngest American Ever To Be Put To Death In The Electric Chair”.

One will only be subjected to death when he or she commits a crime. The intensity of the crime committed will determine the means by which he or she will be subjected to death.

When George Stinney Jr. was executed in South Carolina in 1944, he was just 14 years old. He was found guilty in 10 minutes and vindicated after 70 years.

George Stinney Jr., an African-American 14-year-old, was the youngest person in the United States to be executed in the electric chair. In the midst of the Jim Crow period, he was executed in the Deep South in 1944. George Stinney Jr. grew up in the segregated mill town of Alcolu, South Carolina, where railroad tracks alienated white and black residents. Stinney's family lived in a run-down company house until the young boy was blamed of murdering two white girls and was forced to flee.

Stinney was found guilty by a jury of white men in ten minutes, and it would take another 70 years for him to be exonerated.

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