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Yahoo Boy Runs Mad After Killing His Son

In our world of today, Money has become the most important thing we need. Even though you may need money just get it in the right way. " Money gotten from the wrong source does not stay for long". In Nigeria, there are a lot of young guys who don't want to suffer ( not only Nigeria, Ghana is included) so they end up finding little means and ways to make money quickly. It is either they do armed robbery, scamming, stealing, internet fraud, money laundering, smuggling of drugs( cocaine, weed), and also rituals for money (sakawa or Yahoo ). Because of their desire to get the money, they do not even think of the consequences but rather focus on what they want to achieve ( money).

A Nigerian man who was in his car just jumped out of his car and started going around the street making noise. But why was the man saying The man was saying " give me my son". All he was doing was just repeat this all over again to anyone he approaches. As this continued the guy decided to remove his clothes in the middle of the street. With the help of some guys around, they were able to hold the man to prevent him from causing any damage until police arrived. This is a sad story. Even though nobody was there when he was performing money rituals, we might say we don't know the cause of his madness. But the question is why was he saying "give me my son" with great anger and desperation, maybe he had used his son for money rituals. If not and his son was missing he could have reported to the police. Now this gentleman is totally mad.

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