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Theft robbery

Video: A woman was caught stealing a box of drinks and hiding it under her dress in a supermarket.

No matter how many times they are caught, thieves are always coming up with new ways to steal from people. One might wonder if they will be successful if they apply for good career jobs with all of this thinking that goes into their actions. However, it appears that they will not attempt this because they prefer to make money by stealing from others. The sad part is that some women engage in criminal activities to make a living, risking being caught and imprisoned for their crimes, as this woman who was caught stealing in a supermarket is likely to face.

In a Facebook video, a lovely woman in her 30s is caught stealing a crate of Beverage cans from a supermarket. The video depicts her stealing the drinks and concealing them from everyone, demonstrating how professional and competent she is when it comes to thieving.

To demonstrate to her captures how she took the beverages, she first pulled the drinks from beneath her dress, revealing the item beneath it. Then, to show how she could walk with the item between her legs, she repositioned the beverages between her legs, covered them with her long dress, and took a walk that gave no indication that there was anything between her legs. She began strolling normally, as if she had just entered the store to purchase something for herself, with no indication that she had just stolen something and was fleeing with it.

Unfortunately for her, even though no one observed her stealing the item, the surveillance camera caught her and she was swiftly detained before she could get away with the drinks. The other customers in the store were taken aback by the woman's actions because nothing about her suggests she is a robber, and the fact that she was able to hide something so large under her dress and walk so smoothly astounded them even more.

Watch the video here

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