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Nurse who was announced missing has at Kyebi been found

The nurse who were announced missing has been successfully been found alive. She was working at Kyebi government hospital.

She was found by her family members who were wondering in a Larry in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

The nurse Bernadette Onai is however reticent in given details about what happened to her during interrogation by the management of the hospital.

There was an increasing apprehension among nurses and midwives in Ghana here, as two of their colleagues who went missing is still not found yet.

Vera Asamoah went missing at Dodowa area in Accra on 26th of March 2021. A week later the Kebi government also announced the missing of Bernadette Onai, who was a staff nurse.

Meanwhile, awareness is being given and created on every platform of nurses and midwives about their personal securities.

Below are some of the information being recruited or circulated on nurses and midwives personal security.

In recent times, there have been a lot of nurses especially the females going missing around the country and everywhere in the country. The gruesome rape and murder of Ruth Eshun, a community health nurse in the year 2020 February is still new in our mind. It appears that nurses have targeted by some evil individuals. It is gradually becoming unsafe for female nurse in the country.

Here are nine useful tips for female nurse that can be apply in female kidnap situation

1. Self-defense and situational awareness

Be aware of your surroundings. Be looking at the things that are out and ordinary and trust your intuition always. If something doesn't feel right with you, yes isn't right. If you are walking in a strange place too, pay very good attention and study anyone behind you. Walk confident with your head top and serious. Watching people around you and making eye contact with those who strangely stare at you. If a kidnappers sees that you have already sees them first before them, they are less likely to attempt to you. Because you have taken away their advantage of them getting you. Do not just playing with your phone.

Do not accept any strange lift or rides. No matter how tired you are after your shift, do not intentionally accept any strange rides and lifts especially at night. Even though there are a lot of good people out there, you can't differentiate between the bad ones and the good ones by just looking at their faces. Once you get into their cars you are at their mercy. They could lock the car and drive you away before you try to cal for help. And it might be too late dear.

Get Basic Defense Weapon, thus pepper spray and its very inexpensive, very portable and long lasting, and they can also be camouflaged as a Normal item in your purse.

Please share you ideas too to help our dear nurses and midwives. Below is the comment and don't for get to follow for more thank u.

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