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Fetish man mistakenly set himself ablaze

A funny incident caused a traditional leader and his elders to flee from an ongoing festival after a fetish priest was caught on fire

A video of a fetish priest who accidentally set himself on fire has been circulating around which shows he failed to demonstrate the potency of his power in an ongoing festival,This case is reportedly to have taken place in a small community in Nigeria.

The chief and his elders together with the people in the community were all gathered for the festival and the fetish priest was scheduled to perform at the ceremony.

When it was due for him to perform and showcase his powers, he stood facing the crowed with a stick with blazing fire on and started some dance and incantation

He then started moving the stick on fire around his body, but unfortunately his clothes caught fire and it started to spread all over his body.

By fear the cheif and it people took to thier heels leaving behind thier sets and the priest on fire leaving the ceremony to an end.

The video has gone viral and spark very hilarious reactions.

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