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Road Accident

What are some of the benefit the Pokuase interchange would give to the Ghanaian economy.

In the field of road transport, an interchange is a road junction that uses grade separation and typically one or more ramps, to permit traffic on at least one highway to pass through the junction without interruption from other crossing traffic streems.

The major economic benefits of the Pokuase interchange Include:

A reduction in delay cost. The overpass increase the capacity of the roadway by allowing uninterrupted flow in all directions. The intersection do not come in direct contact but rather bypass each other. Fewer signal is require to direct traffic, eliminating the ques caused by signals.

Secondly, there is a reduction in vehicle operating cost. Grade separation increases roadway safety by reducing the vehicle - vehicle and vehicle - pedestrian conflicts. The crossing traffic is removed from the intersection,thus eliminating the possibility of collisions between those streams of vehicle. Pedestrians are given greater protection from cars as there is only one line of traffic to cross and more refuge points is provided at multiple locations.

Thirdly, there is a reduction in the expected accident cost. Street traffic move freely over and under, reducing wait time for vehicles and increasing travel speed and capacity of the roadway. Most importantly, the incidence rate of vehicle collisions is eliminated as the intersection no longer put traffic in front of vehicles.

These benefits are summarized and matched against the construction and right - of - way cost of the interchange.

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