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Even though his wife died 10 years ago, this man still goes around searching for her.

Takamatsu Yasuo lost his wife Yuko 10 years ago when a distressing tsunami struck the city of Onagawa but he still continues to search for her every week. On the very day that his wife went missing in 2011, he received a final text message from her that read “Are you ok? I want to go home.” Since then, he has been looking for her and has vowed not to quit till he finds her or dies in the process.

Beginning, the heartbroken spouse searched for his wife on land, starting at the very place where she was last seen, then on the beaches of Onagawa, in nearby mountains and woodlands. After she disappeared two years later, he communicated with the local dive shop asking for diving teachings, so he could start seeking for her in the sea. He has been diving into the sea every week for the past seven and a half years, summing up to almost 500 underwater pursuits.

He has been assisted in his underwater hunts by his instructor that taught him to dive. The instructor has been maintaining track of Yasuo’s quests, recording what areas he has searched, what deepness he has dived to, the figure of each search among others. In spite of their joint hard work, no clue of his wife has been found. The husband said “I’m always thinking that she may be somewhere nearby. I will keep searching for her as long as my body moves.”

Apart from diving weekly, he also joins local authorities in underwater searches for the 2,500 people who remain unaccounted for following the 2011 tsunami though he is 64 years old. In his explorations, Takamatsu has found all kinds of items belonging to missing persons, but nothing that might help bring conclusion to his decade-long quest. He rubbishes to give up, though. Every week, he positions on his diving suit and jeopardies his life in search of his darling.

“In the last text message that she sent me, she said, ‘Are you okay? I want to go home,’” Yasuo said. “I’m sure she still wants to come home.” Death is a very painful event. It seems he man cant get over her wife's demise. When you pray, remember him please. Do you think the man will ever find his wife?

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Onagawa Takamatsu Yasuo Yuko


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