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OPINION: Blame rampant ritual killings on these actions of “celebrities” on social media too

The case of the two young boys who killed their fellow friend all because of money, is still fresh in the minds of many and now the Abesim killings have caused major unrest. How many more murders would have to occur, before we finally clear our televisions and phones of these money pressures?.

Too much pressure is on our youth to make quick money and live the life they wish to have. Before the words of this article are misunderstood and turned in a wrong way, this article in no way blames or points fingers at any particular individual but only seeks to condemn actions that have proven to be possible causes for ritual killings being rampant.

It is not wrong for young ones to look up to those who are successful and are living the life many dream of having. It is actually essential that there are role models to look up to, and to have a hope for the future. But to everything, there is a limit and it is vital to separate the good from the bad and relate with the good. Not all social media influences are positive on our lives because most of those who brag, have negative sources of wealth. Thus when the youth are exposed to this, they by all means want to acquire such much wealth in a short while no matter the source.

The youth of today are only taught to make money whether legal or illegal, just to live up to the social media pressure they face and this is alarming. It is this same pressure the youth follow and end up killing each other. Our “celebrity” adults need to wake up because our generation looks up to them.

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