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Are the laws of Ghana working?

We live in a country where serious quirks are taken for granted and the unnecessary ones are rather the ones we fancy most.   

We are all here when the admitting of the Rastafarians into a public Senior High School in this country drifted into a national debate, where almost all the celebrities and politicians in this country sauntering to as if our problems in this country are figured out. 

Ghana we all know to be one of the peaceful countries in this world has now turned to hell for the less venerable.

 In March alone, the number of death cases we have recorded on domestic violence is even higher than our monthly COVID 19 cases. Death is inevitable so when your time is up, there's nothing you can do to escape it. A fellow human being taking his/her fellow's life is uncalled. 

And just recently over the weekend in Kasoa, where two unscrupulous boys under the age of 20 murdered a handsome innocent 10year old boy freely. Only God knows what the deceased family is going through right now.  

Nobody comes to this earth to live twice. When you are gone, you are gone eternally. So why should someone from nowhere; I mean nowhere will come and take mine for free. Before Christianity in our country, our great grandfathers already know that there is God and they were morally upright.

And now everything has changed to the extent that you can kill someone and spend some two to three years in jail and get released. The painful part is that those people will be opportune to appeal in court if they wish and they will be remanded. When things go on this way, culprits will feel normal and they will never see anything wrong with their wrongdoings. Hence, more will be encouraged to continue murdering innocent ones. 

All I want to say to the authorities in charge of these cases is that they should adopt the "Take mine and the law takes yours" policy

"Murder me and the law will murder you". That will be the best way to put fear into the uncaught ones to desist.

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