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Road Accident

Swarm of bees attack residents of Fosu 12 months old baby, pastor and several others hospitalised.

Sad and usual news making rounds on various media platforms is the unfortunate attack of swarm of bees on the people of new town at Assin Fosu in the central region.

According to reports,some children disrupted the bees in their hive which is located in the tower of a mosque by pelting them with stones and this resulted in the attacks.

The bees are believed to have been in the tower for close to three years now. One of the victims in narrating how he was attacked stated that,he came to deliver some cement and and upon rolling down his glass ,the bees pounds on him from all aides.

He said "Every part of my body was stung including my face and private parts. I and my colleague had to forcefully open the door and dash out to the hospital area while they were still pursuing us,” he narrated.

The pastor of church of Christ was also caught up in the attack as he was driving towards that direction and upon chancing on the attacks, couldn't control his car and collided into a taxi.

The taxi drivers also fled but several others were injured and the bees never spared them.

Those close to the scene were not spared including the fire service personnels who were called for their assistance.

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