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"Should This Man Be Arrested?"-Reactions As This Picture Pop Up Online

Child labour is one of the most talks about issues in Africa but there is still no improvement as children are used for very adult jobs. Some children die as a result of these jobs given to them which is above their strength. The labour law states categorically the ages at which people can be allowed to work.

Looking at the picture below, a little child is captured with his father under a tricycle (pragiya) as they are repairing a fault under this heavy thing. The question some Ghanaians are asking is what can this little child do under this tricycle? The child will probably be two to three years old and according to some social media users, it is not safe for him to be under the pragiya with the father.

Others said that the child will be the one who was probably disturbing the father that he wants to be where he is. The father upon several crying of the son allows him to join. So in reality, this little child is not doing anything with spanner under this tricycle. Some Ghanaians also said that there is no need for arrest because the father is teaching him his work. Checking the number plate of this tricycle, it seems this took place in Nigeria.

Check out the reactions of some Ghanaians below:

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