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Ejura report: Committee has no reason for proposing Kaaka was killed because of family quarrel.

Representative for the group of social extremist, Ibrahim Mohammed otherwise known as Kaaka says the deprived family isn't satisfied for certain ends drawn by the three-part panel set up to test the Ejura fight that prompted the deficiency of two lives, as for Kaaka's passing. 

Nafiu Mohammed, talking on PM Express on Tuesday said the family is frustrated in the Justice Koomson Committee for recommending that Kaaka's passing was because of a family quarrel and not his online media activism that prompted him getting dangers as revealed by the media. 

While communicating with JoyNews' Evans Mensah, he said: "Our fundamental concern has to do with the issue of the Committee saying Kaaka's demise was most likely not in view of his online media activism however a family fight. 

So we as a family are disillusioned by the persistent endeavor to accuse the family to make estrangement for the family and the demand that Kaaka was killed by his own family." 

Nafiu Mohammed demanded that the family has been unjustifiably treated since the council "has no reason for such ends." 

Yet, because of his entries, an individual from the Ministerial Committee set up by the Interior Minister, Vladimir Antwi-Danso expressed that there is no support for Kaaka's family to go up against the Committee. 

He clarified this is so in light of the fact that the first order of the board of trustees was to resolve the issue of the Ejura fight that occurred on June 29 and not Kaaka's killer, notwithstanding, because of certain entries made by witnesses, the council satisfied its undertaking, that is to discover proof, reach inferences and make its proposals. 

He added that the family was made completely mindful of the primary obligation of the Justice Koomson Committee. 

"It was a reference point, they came and individuals were offering their perspective on why Kaaka was killed. So when they brought that, our work was proof discovering, end and suggestion. So as they put this one as proof, we need to record. 

"Some portion of the family was saying this is the thing that we saw and the other part said another. So we said, with all the proof that we assembled it is feasible to propose that yet that doesn't mean the family killed him. We told them verbally that our work isn't crafted by the Cid, and the media ought to be the one to tell them 

"For what reason should Kaaka's family be in a conflict with the Committee and so far as that is concerned the public authority? Kaaka's family's resentment ought not be coordinated to the Committee. We made it clear to them." 

Vladimir Antwi-Danso in his entries recommended that the media is at fault for the grating that exists between the late lobbyist's family and the ecclesiastical council. 

"The media should set a plan to help the nation settle issues. I don't figure we should pitch the board against Kaaka's family. In any case, the Committee was not set up to proceed to discover who killed Kaaka," he expressed. 

As per Mr Antwi-Danso, part of the Committee's report that states "We appropriately track down that the demise of Kaaka was not straightforwardly connected to his web-based media activism", doesn't block the Crime Investigation Department from doing its obligation in discovering the culprit behind Kaaka's passing. 

It very well may be reviewed that during the Committee's examination, an occupant of Ejura, Sadia Fuseini, claimed that she saw Baba Iddi, a sibling of killed lobbyist, Ibrahim Mohammed drag him into the restroom after he was attacked on June 26. 

She let the board know that she heard an upsetting sound, one she accepted was from Kaaka, who had recently shown up at the house on his cruiser. 

In any case, upon landing in the scene, she saw the dissident being hauled into the washroom by his sibling. 

"I was performing bathing to offer my petitions. I heard the sound of Kaaka's motorbike, coming towards the house. Out of nowhere, I heard a sound 'paam'. I believed that it was the motorbike that had fallen. So my Lord, I halted whatever I was doing and loose to see whatever follows. 

"Unexpectedly, I heard somebody moaning. I came out to perceive what precisely it was. I saw Kaaka's sibling holding his hand and hauling him towards the washroom which was lit yet out of nowhere, the light went off," an interpreter told the Committee for her sake. 

Additionally, before the Committee's report, Madam Sahada Humu, spouse of the killed dissident at Ejura, told the Committee examining the Ejura unsettling influences, that her late husband didn't inform her concerning people who needed him dead. 

Sahada Humu, uncovered that the late Kaaka, rather, referenced people who undermined him for making the public authority disagreeable. 

"Did your better half anytime let you know the individual who needed to kill him, you said he was compromised. Did he tell you?" the Committee inquired. 

"All things considered, he didn't explicitly let me know that this individual needs to kill him however he let me know the people who cautioned him to quit posting issues on Facebook else, they will hurt him," an interpreter told the Committee for her benefit.

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