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Why has Ghana Statistical Service not paid their enumerators?

Ghana Statistical Service commenced 2021 population and housing census on 13th July, 2021. The exercise was in two part. Listing and enumeration.

This exercise was not an any one. It was captured on various news outlets how enumerators suffered many challenges in the course of exercising their duty. These challenges were difficult to the point that an enumerator lost his life.

Dogs brutality, abused, and harassed were one of least challenges enumerators had to endure.

And according to the contract Ghana Statistical Service officials signed with enumerators, there was an agreement that enumerators will be paid in trenches.

The first trench for the training. The second trench during listing. And the last trench when the whole exercise is done and enumerators have been cleared.

It was discovered that Ghana Statistical Service official did not keep their words in the contract they signed with enumerators. They gave enumerators the first trench of their money.

The second trench did not fall into the accounts of enumerators. There were rumours that GSS officials feared most enumerators will quit the exercise because of the challenging nature of the job. Therefore, they refused to release the second trench of money due enumerators

Its been over a month when enumerators completed the exercise. However, their monies have still not been paid into their accounts regardless of head of the GSS press statement stating categorically that all outstanding owed enumerators will be paid by 25th August, 2021.

The said day is over and no monies have hit the accounts of enumerators.

The question the majority are asking is this, "what happened to enumerators money? Are these monies being used for different purpose? If not, why have enumerators not been paid?

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