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Loan Scam: 3 Arrested in attempt to secure a loan of 75K with Teachers Loan Application Documents


Scammers have adopted new strategies for defrauding salary workers on the Controller and Accountant General Department payroll database. These fraudsters have managed to get contact details of public sector workers on the Government of Ghana payroll. Many Ghanaians have queried the Controller and Accountant General Department (GAGD) on how their personal records got to these loan fraudsters.

The loan scammers currently in police custody have been sending messages to public sector workers to lure them with the lowest interest rate and interest free loan. Salary workers have been receiving messages from these fraudsters daily, one person can receive more than one three messages a day requesting him or her to come for collateral free loan.

Loan application documents submitted to these fraudsters by their victims are used by the fraudsters to secure loans for themselves. Some of them pretend to be staff of the Controller and Accountant General Department and can help workers to secure loan, which will be deleted from the payroll database and the financial institutions will not be able to trace the loan for deductions, these fraudsters lured teachers to go for a loan and pay thirty percent of the loan to them for the loan deductions to be deleted from their payslip. Once the loan is secured and the thirty percent paid to them, they put their phones off.

The scammers currently in police custody assisting the police in investigations, claims, teachers are their targets and majority of their victims are teachers who presented their loan application documents for loan.

Staff Identification number and password to the electronic payslip, is a unique identification that grant employees access to their electronic payslip portal, if somebody get access to employees electronic payslip portal, he will be able to generate mandate and affordability form, these two are required documents for loan processing. Some of the loan scammers request for the staff Identification number and password from their victims and promise to process their loans within 48 hours.

When teachers attend staff meeting or a training workshop, they are asked to write their names and phone numbers on the attendance sheet, this is another way for the fraudsters to get the phone numbers of their victims. Many people people have try severally to block messages from financial services who send messages to request workers to come for loan. If you are a salary worker and you need a loan, you should deal with a trusted bank. Employees who gives out their electronic payslip details should desist from that, if one realized his staff identification number and password has been exposed, he should quickly change his password on the electronic payslip portal. Nedved media is following the case and will update readers on new development.

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )

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