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The IGP Is My In-law Who Married My Sister But The Least Said About Him, The Better - Efo Worlanyo

The Bono Regional youth organizer for the National Democratic Congress, Efo Worlanyo Tsekpe has said that the IGP, Inspector Boanuh is his brother in-law but what he is doing is not good at all. He said the current IGP is the worst in Ghana's history following the shooting and killing of young police officer in a Bullion Van yesterday.

According to Efo Worlanyo, the problem is that the junior officers themselves, instead of them to speak out, they are all afraid of getting fired for speaking up. Trusting a senior police officer as a junior officer is a criminal offense against yourself as a junior officer. 

A police officer will never talk. Even when they are dying. In 2019 more that 20 police officers were shot dead, several others beaten by Npp invisible forces but still our officers are afraid to talk and fight for their rights. Their superiors are bought with goodies from this government so they don't care about what their officers go through. 

The only time you hear them talk plenty is when there is presure from the people. These Senior Officers are protected, they are on fat allowances, they have protection, government is taking very good care of them so why should they think about their junior officers. 

He said our current IGP is the worst of all IGPs in the history of Ghana. This is the man who under his watch four people were killed in his region and till date no arrest has been made.

"He is my inlaw- married my Hohoe sister but the least said about him the better" he revealed 

He advised the Junior police Officers rise against their leadership if not they will continue to die on the field while their leaders attend their funerals to donate 2000 and wait to be served beer and jollof from that same 2000 cedis.

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