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Man Who Fakes Madness To Collect Used Sanitary Pads & Diapers For Rituals Caught (+VIDEO)

Money ritualists used a lot of things for their rituals. Some of these money ritualists used human blood whiles others utilize materials disposed at the refuse dump. In view of this, ladies and parents are always advised to throw away their used sanitary pads and diapers at a proper place. The best way is to dig a hole, put it inside and seal it.

Checking the video very well, a group of people noticed that the man young dress like a mad man is behaving strangely at the refuse dump. They realized that the young man is only picking some selected items from the rubbish.

They got closer to him only to find out that he is only selecting used sanitary pads and diapers. The young man still wanted to pretend that he is mad but the guys threatened him. He then told them that he was sent by his brother to collect the items.

According to him, his brother has been selling these used sanitary and diapers to some rich people for money rituals. The people threatened to burn him alive if he fails to mention the names of these big men who have been buying these used items but he didn't. They asked him his name and that of his brother but he didn't answer him.

The people started beating him to tell the secrets about his brother and himself but this guy didn't give in. This incident seems to happen in Nigeria.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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