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Checkout what a guy found after he received the food he ordered

Those who normally read my articles will testify to the fact that I always talk about we not letting anything surprise us no more.

This generation of ours is known for pulling up unbelievable and unimaginable things at unexpected times. This is the reality nowadays and it is on this basis that I decided to put together this article.

A food vendor in Nigeria decided to do the unimaginable after delivering food to her client. I don't know if this was the first time for which the client decided to order food from that vendor because the shock he exhibited was intense.

He couldn't understand why the vendor did what she did and hence decided to take pictures of what he saw and post them online asking if people could tell him why the vendor did that. This is what he posted online.

A nail had been attached to the food he ordered. What business has a nail got to do with food and why would you place a nail on a food? These are questions which started running through my mind when I saw the pictures.

I am glad this guy acted professionally even though he didn't understand the reason as to why the vendor did that. You can see he decided to cover the sticker that came with the food, he didn't want to expose the vendor. That was very good of him

I don't know if the vendor had no toothpicks and therefore decided to use a nail instead since she was running out of time. Well, after posting this picture online, people had their say on this issue.

Some people hilariously replied him talking about the fact that maybe the vendor wanted him to know that the food was very delicious and therefore added the nail to prove a point that she "nailed" it.

There is this next set of people who are talking about how ungrateful this guy is. They claim the vendor loves him and cares for him to the extent that she added "iron" to his food but instead of calling her to thank her, he decided to rant on Twitter.

Other people are also talking about the fact that the food is plenty and hence the nail is attached to help him make a new hole in his belt after eating. This hole is to relieve his abdomen from the tension which will be placed on his stomach.

Others are also saying she added this nail so it would choke people who will try begging for the food.

Well, who knows? Maybe you guys have the genuine reason as to why the caterer did that. You can let me know your reasons too.

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