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Armed Robbers Came To Our House And After Taking Our Money, One Of Them Asked Me This Question

These days, society is becoming more frightening. There isn't a single day that goes by without reports of a robbery or theft. It seems that these people are not going to change their ways for the better anytime soon so that we can all live in harmony.

I am a young woman who is married and has two children. My family and I live in one of the country's major cities. My husband works as a branch manager for a respectable bank whose name I will not share. In addition, I serve as a nurse at Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

My job requires that we work in two shifts, afternoon and evening, which means that my husband is often responsible for the kids while I attend to patients at night. My husband is one of my favorite people because he is so understanding and loving.

This is the start of my sad tale.

We had completed everything we wanted to do that day and also planned for the next day on a Thursday evening between 9 and 10 p.m. Our children had fallen fast asleep. My husband and I were watching a romantic film when we heard a loud knock on the door.

The bang was so loud that it slammed open the door, revealing four men holding pump action rifles. We immediately recognized them as armed robbers. "Where is the money?" was the first question they asked. We were lucky that we had some money in the building, which we wanted to use to buy 100 bags of cement for our new structure.

Since we believe that life is more precious than money, we agreed to give them the money so that our loved ones' lives could be saved. They forced my husband to carry the money while holding him at gunpoint.

In a brown envelope, my husband delivered the money to them. They were about to depart when one of them questioned, "What did you cook today?" I responded with jollof rice. "Let's go to the kitchen and feed me," he said. I put the food in a flask and gave it to him to take.

Fortunately, none of us were injured, and our children were unaware of the incident. We bought five large German shepherd dogs the next day for protection.

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Okomfo Anokye


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