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Abesim Cannibalism: A Clear Indication That Appearance Can Be Deceptive

There is this popular proverb which says that appearance can he deceptive. In fact, this proverb has over the years proven to be correct and not just a mere proverb to enrich our english language. There are instances when we think so positive about someone which in reality the person is the opposite of what we think about him.This week, the incident of "appearance can be deceptive" has rear it's ugly head.

There has been this trending news which has been reported by credible news portals about a retired footballer who has killed a lot of people, mutilated their bodies and stored them in his fridge. As to what he intended to do with the stored flesh of his victims we do not have any idea.

Other sources have reported that, Richard Appiah is into occultism and therefore he kill these victims for his pay masters. A woman in his neighborhood has reported that strange people in posh cars visit Richard on regular basis.

Now let's get back to this. Why are we saying appearance can be deceptive in this article? Over the years, society have made it a norm to link crime related activities to some particular set of people because of their way of dressing, and how they go about their work. We mostly accused "Rastafarians" or guys with "dreadlocks" when there is a case of a robbery or any other crime.

As if that is not enough, we tag ladies who dress seductively as "slay queens", "ashawo" and other unprintable names. In fact, this case at Abesim should be an example for us to know that a crime can be committed by any person irrespective of your dressing or the way you have kept your hair. No one ever presumed that a retired footballer and a sports commentator who many people respected can be involved in such a heinous crime.

My plea to Ghana Police is that when there is a crime there should be a thorough investigation into the matter so that the culprits will be dealt with. They shouldn't go about arresting people based on their dressing or their ways of doing things.

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