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Kasoa Teenage Murder Case Broke Me;Uncle Ebow Whyte Confesses And Complain About How 'Sick' Ghana Is

Uncle Ebow whyte has written lengthy about the state of the country and how "sick" things seems to be going. He openly declared how the two teenage boys who had wanted to be rich by killing their friend for money rituals, broke him. He has complained about the whole system and subsequently called for prayers from Christians. He hit the nail on it's head. Our nation, unfortunately is sick! Right from the religious heads to the last laborer of the politician.

Most Ghanaians do subscribe to Uncle Ebow's notion that the system we are building is a disaster, Everywhere. No part of the system is exempted from the disaster we are building. You can choose to be quiet about the ills in the system, however, you will not be exempted from the impact of the disaster, now or in the future. Our education is a disaster, in fact we are producing weapons of mass destruction. Health is a disaster. Even health workers don't trust the system when ill. 

Our roads, buildings, leadership, farms, markets, name it, are all disasters. In this system, we have become intolerant to divergent views. We have become impatient. Many more criminals, armed robberies, killings (some may be contract killings). We have placed wealth above humanity, honesty, kindness, fellow feeling. Majority have become silent for fear of insults, name calling, attacks, being branded party members. 

We may think we are not affected by the disaster in our system. Off course, we are. Now or in the more closer future, we will pay the prices of the disaster we have contributed by paying, or through feigning lack of knowledge, or our unwillingness to talk, act and correct the disaster being built, in addition to the ones already built. Disaster everywhere. It's just a matter of time.

A system where professionals are at home without jobs, yet we call them lazy people, have you see a lazy man with degree, masters, PHD, or a chartered accountant qualification, we have a long way to go. God continue to bless our homeland Ghana.

Above is his Facebook post.

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