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Baboon Invades Ladies Hostel In A University And Scattered The Whole Place (Video).

Drama everyday, drama everywhere as a monkey identified to be a baboon type invades into a ladies hostel in one of the most popular multimedia university in Nairobi, Kenya. It is a very dramatic scene as one of the ladies in the hostel who was full of fear was seen panicking and screaming so loud at the same time whiles her roommates was just laughing at her.

Everyone knows about monkey but I don't think majority are familiar with the baboon as one may ask whom baboons are. Baboons are some of the world's largest monkeys. The baboon, like other old world monkeys, do not have a prehensile (gripping) tail, meaning their tails are not used as a hand like other normal monkeys do.

Currently trending on Instagram is a viral video of a particular monkey type called baboon as it invades into a ladies hostel of a popular university in Kenya. According to reports, the university is a Multi-Media University Karen Campus.

From the trending video, the drama all started as a female student was seen relaxing on her bed when the animal came out of the blue and sneaked into the hostel through a window. This baboon showed up some dramatic moves as it went straight into a wardrobe, pull out a drawer as if it is looking for something and then push it back.

The young lady who was relaxing on her bed started panicking and began creaming. Well, she wasn't alone in the hostel room as her roommates who recorded the scene was heard laughing at their friend.

It moves to the window side as if it was stepping out and leaving them in peace but that never happened as it return climbing things and messing everything in the room. It scattered the whole place as grains of rice was messed on the floor of which I think was eating by one of the students before the whole incident.

Watch the video here

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