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SAD NEWS: Young Boys Chopped Off Neighbors Ear Over "Wee" Soup.

These are the stories people wouldn't believe unless backed by photos. This happened at Assin North when Emmanuel (ear victim) had one of his ears chopped off for questioning the suspects why they were conspiring to sharing "Wee" soup with people around. 

According to the reports by Oscar Adawu on UTV Ghana. Emmanuel (the victim) saw 3 guys preparing soup in the house. One of them added blended "wee" into the soup and they spoke about wanting to distribute the wee soup to the people around, including kids. Emmanuel eavesdropped their evil plans then asked them why they'll add wee to soup they'll share to others. This triggered misunderstanding which eventually led to a fight and Emmanuel got fury and grabbed, slapped one of them. One of the guys called Isaac who also retaliated by biting off his ear.

The scene has however attracted residents attention as they went and thwart the fight. While Emmanuel was in pain, he was being sent to the hospital, the case was reported to the police. One of the guys took to his heels but the other Two was arrested.

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