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Becareful who you bring to your homes - lady recount how her house helps robbed her 271K unnoticed.

Nigerian business lady recounts how her two househelps stole an amount of 271000 naira from her bank account unknowingly.

A a business woman(salon owner), has shared a shocking experience she encountered with two of her house helps who happened to be siblings. According to this lady, the two sisters gradually drained her bank account without a notice, until she finally caught them. The youngest among the house helps, 16 years of age was the mastermind behind all the transactions.

"These are two sisters I brought to my home to work for me, one is 16 years and she's the one doing the transfer from my account to her sister's account via my phone"- she wrote.

According to this lady the elder among the house helps or sisters, was the one who came in first. She worked with her for a while, about two months, after which she begged her madam to bring in her younger sister to come and help, because she is being maltreated at where they are.

She agreed and admitted her too, but the theft began the moment she stepped in the house. The 16-years old transferred their madam's money from her to their account unknowingly, after transactions they delete the alert, so their madam wouldn't notice.

"She created a code with my alert phone and and has been taken away my money. I didn't use the account because it's just for savings so I didn't notice.... these are people I do everything for because I believe when you are good to your workers mostly the ones taking care of your kids they will treat your kids well"- she said.

Now how did she find out about all this?... According to the madam, on the very day they left her house (stopped working with her) ,they transferred 100,000N to their account. Everyday for the thief, one day for the master, unfortunately for them, the alert didn't come early on that moment for them to delete as usual, so the lady (madam) noticed and quickly rushed to the bank (GTP) , only to discover that one Rosemary, who happens to be the house help.

She quickly took immediate action and blocked her account, then printed her bank statement. she was left in shock when she discovered that her house helps have been daining her for a long time now. After her she came to her realisation that these girls have stolen a total amount of 270 1000 naira from her bank account. Fortunately for the, she was able to track them down.

She was lucky to track them down, you might not be lucky so lets all be very careful of the kind of people we allow into our homes to work for us.

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