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Meet The Tallest Man in Volta Region Who Couldn’t Enter an Uber Car.

In Ghana, we all know the kind of cars that Uber and Bolt transport services use for driving. They are very tiny and infinitesimal. And it is best for the drivers because it doesn’t consume much fuel. It is also very efficient and can enter places easily.

However, this 21yr old Ike from the Volta region of Ghana can never enjoy Uber and Bolt services because of his height. He is over 7 feet tall and his legs alone are taller than those Uber and Bolt cars. How can he then enter this car and have a seat to enjoy his trip?

Shocked as you may be, these two ladies who heard the news decided to stand beside him and have a feel of their own shortness. Indeed, the 6ft tall lady was only reaching the waist of the 21yr old boy. This is soo interesting.

The height of this young man is very wonderful. He is very tall to the extent that he is even taller than trotro and urvan cars. Look, he will even need two Queen Size beds combined to be able to fill a bed.

Have a look at his image here:



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