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Check Out What This woman Was Captured Doing On Top Of A Roof That Is Causing Stir Online

There is a saying that "What a man can do, a woman can do it even better". Most Ghanaians know that when it comes to carpentry work in this country, it is men who are normally captured doing this kind of job. Some carpenters specialized in furniture works whiles others go in for roofing.

But the most dangerous aspect of carpentry work is that of the roofing because of the fear of falling from the rooftop to the ground. Looking at the picture below, a woman is on top of the roof nailing. She has all her tools with her. Some Ghanaians after coming across this picture quiz that is she just roofing her own house or is her profession.

This is because the posture and how the woman holds the hammer indicate she really knows what she is doing. Others were also afraid for her that this job is for men. Others also encouraged her as they said that they have not come across a woman who is brave as this woman.

Check out some reactions of some Ghanaians on Facebook:

A Facebook user known as Emmanuel Ansah reacted that "She can get her daily bread for the family".

Another Facebook user known as Akinsahala Prosper reacted that "Our country is help yourself or go hungry".

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